The Referendum has started!

  • Day:2011.01.10 00:20
  • Cat:映画
It`s the first day of polling to decide separation or unity of South Sudan. So far it is going well, smooth and peacefully.

I feel hapiness to be here, wath it and hear people`s opinion.

The vote started 8 am. Mr Donato and I arrived a polling station in Munuki area at 8:10, when Ms Roda* was about to vote. I hurried to switch the camera on, and get out of the car, started to shoot. Roda wore a briliant orange cloth on her body. It was very beautiful!

There were hundreds of people waiting for voting. Older people and desabled people were prioritised.

A Japanese Observation Team, Mr. Kurimoto and Ms Ando, came there at 10:00. They appreciated the management of polling station but added a possibility to prolong the polling peoriod. Since the speed of voting (only 8 people could vote in 10 minutes) is to slow to give the all registered people the opportunies.

After observation, during it I was shooting, we enjoyed fresh Mangos presented by Roda under the Mango trees I shot 3 years ago.

*Roda is an about 80 years old woman. She is one of the main actress(?) in the movie ~Abuba and Yaaba~.



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